Valentine’s Revisited: Empower & Love Yourself


Valentine’s Revisited: Empower & Love Yourself

By Megan Pardy February 8, 2022 02.08.2022 Share:
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Valentine’s Day, historically, is a day where couples get all lovey-dovey and celebrate their relationship. That is the connotation we get due to all the heart shapes and couple’s menus at restaurants; however, what if Valentine’s Day was just about LOVE? Love revolves around us daily in many different forms: parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, and of course, romantic partners. We have recently seen the popularity of ‘Galentine’s Day’ where girl friends get together to celebrate their friendship with wine and chocolate; Society is moving to a place where we are more inclusive of what it means to celebrate this day of love, but what about self -love and self-care? 

Loving yourself looks like taking care of yourself. Self-care is an important piece of relieving stress and having the best relationship with ourselves that we can. Self-care looks different for everyone but should always result in feeling rejuvenated. I think of it like a battery: work, relationships, parenting, etc. are all things that can drain our battery, but self-care charges our battery. Our battery being charged means that we have the energy to be our best selves in every aspect of our lives. I want to challenge women this year to take some time out this Valentine’s Day to be your own valentine and choose to show love to yourself. Below are some ideas on how to be a good valentine to yourself this year, the year after, and maybe every day!


  1. Create a goal or Bucket list: We can take care of and empower ourselves, by focusing on our own goals. The things on this list will be all about you, not what others want from you or something you feel obligated to accomplish, something that is just for you.
  2. Try something new: We are challenged and grow when we try something new or something that scares us, but it feels great and energizing when we accomplish it.
  3. Have a spa day: As women, we typically spend a lot of time doing things for others. Take some time to pamper yourself! This could mean literally going to a spa or you could get some face masks, have a nice bath, and paint your nails while watching trashy reality TV.
  4. Have a conversation or quality time with women that support you: True connection is important for our self-care and something many people have been lacking in the past year due to the pandemic. Take some time to connect with someone that validates you, supports you, and encourages you during your ups and downs. 
  5. Put energy into hobbies that soothe and fulfill you: Read a book, knit a sweater, go to a yoga class, write a story or journal entry, meditate, go for a run; The list could go on and on.  Pick up something you do not usually have time for but enjoy immensely. 

Women often have the role of being a caretaker and at times that takes over a great portion of our identity. The care taking that we do should come with great pride, but we often let our own self fall by the waist-side. Instead of putting all your focus on showing your love for another this year, put some energy into loving yourself. You deserve it! Women’s empowerment is a great passion of mine, so if you struggle to turn that love and care inward, please reach out to make an appointment to start your self-care journey. 

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