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Are you looking for counseling services to help you work through relationship issues? Are you facing struggles as an individual that are interfering with your daily life? At Stanford Couples Counseling, we offer counseling services throughout Plano, McKinney, Fort Worth and Dallas, TX.

Our 5 Core Values

We genuinely care about our employees and clients alike. Our primary objective is to provide care to those who are in need of help.

We strive to do the right thing by upholding the laws of our state and the rules of our licensing boards, as well as working within our scope of practice. We also believe in honesty and transparency as it relates to all fees and charges.

We endeavor to hire high-quality therapists that provide excellent therapeutic services. We emphasize continued clinical growth of our therapists through educational opportunities.

We believe that the healthier the therapist, the more effective the therapy. Therefore we aim to help our therapists maintain healthy balance between work and personal life.

We know that no one therapist can possibly know everything or help every client on their own, so we promote a team approach to all clinical matters, encouraging peer consultation and, when appropriate, connecting with specialized services.

Goal Oriented Care

Goal-Oriented Care

We believe change happens through tangible, identifiable and measurable goals, and we are here for you every step of the way.

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Multi-Disciplinary Team

Our therapists specialize in different services and maintain different areas of expertise to provide you the experience you need.

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Our Testimonials

What Our Patients Say

I have been to a couple of therapists trying to find the right fit and Dr. Christian is absolutely amazing. I would And do refer her to anyone that I meet that is looking for a therapist. She has the right approach and allows her clients to lead the therapeutic sessions. She truly has a gift and knows exactly how to approach people and meet them where they are. I am so thrilled to be a client of hers.

A. B. with Dr. AnnaMarie Christian

Dr. Hunter has helped me so much through the loss of my husband.
I appreciate her so much, and Dr. Stanford is a wonderful therapist as well! They are both very compassionate and will help you get through the most difficult times in your life.

Crystal McCarty
Crystal McCarty Grief Counseling with Dr. Melissa Hunter

If I could give this man 1 million stars I would. Dr. Stanford’s steady, compassionate, non judgmental expertise and counsel has made a lasting impact for my family and in my life personally. To say he was a godsend is no understatement.

Jennifer Leishear
Jennifer Leishear Couples Counseling with Dr. Paul Stanford

Dr. Fast was easy to talk to and helped us work through a few life events. The Stanford group was great to work with and very professional. I would recommend Dr. Fast and Dr. Stanford to any couple or individual.

David Couples Counseling with Dr. Jennifer Fast

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