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At our office in North Dallas, you can access counseling services that will help you rebuild the connections you have lost. We offer couples counseling as well as individual counseling. We can reassure you that while every couple goes through hard times, they do not have to break you. Couples often emerge stronger when they face adversity and share openly and honestly with each other. We can give you the right tools to get there.

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Ruth Rodriguez

Ruth Rodriguez

North Dallas Virtual

Languages: English, Spanish

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Nancy Rosenberg

North Dallas Virtual

Languages: English

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Dr. Jennifer Fast

Dr. Jennifer Fast

North Dallas Uptown Dallas Virtual

Languages: English

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Individual Counseling in North Dallas, TX

In addition to couples counseling, we also offer counseling for individuals in North Dallas, TX. You will experience the same inviting and nonjudgmental environment we provide for couples counseling.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut of negative patterns that are preventing you from being your best self, don’t despair. Throughout your individual therapy with us at Stanford Couples Counseling, we can help you find areas of your life you can improve and make lasting, positive changes.

We also know that since each individual is different, the counseling they receive must be as well. Our providers specialize in many different modalities, allowing them to create a therapy approach that is designed specifically for you. It’s possible to become the version of yourself that you want to be, and our individual counseling services can help you get there.

Mental Health Professionals in North Dallas

We have a highly qualified team serving in our North Dallas office who can provide the expertise you need. Each one follows the holistic approach our counselors embrace. Our North Dallas staff has decades of combined experience working with couples and gaining insights on interpersonal relationships.

Our well-qualified staff creates a warm and pleasant environment for your sessions. They help you build a firm new foundation for your relationship that can withstand future challenges. They can also offer individual counseling sessions to help you through personal challenges.

Expectations for Our North Dallas, TX Counseling Services

We take a solutions-oriented approach to therapy. Our team meets you where you are when you come to us. We guide you toward establishing tangible, measurable goals for your relationship. You recognize what you are working toward, and you can see the progress in each session.

Why Use Our Counseling Services in North Dallas, TX?

Stanford Couples Counseling has developed a method that works. We connect each couple with the clinician we believe will provide the best fit for the issues they want to work through. You will see them almost immediately, within the first week after you sign up. We guide couples and individuals through the initial, high-intensity six- to eight-week period when they begin therapy and then continue with less frequent sessions as needed.

If you have been trying to solve your problems on your own for years, you know how frustrating that can be. Sometimes enlisting a third party can help you start over and be more open to listening to advice and insights. Our clinicians at our North Dallas office are dedicated to offering the services that will fit your unique needs in the right way. We care about every couple who enters our doors, and we show that in our sessions. Other benefits of using our counseling services include:

  • Comfortable office in a convenient location in North Dallas
  • Availability of virtual appointments
  • Responsive staff who return missed phone calls and emails immediately
  • An online portal where you can make changes to your forms

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our North Dallas, TX, Couples and Individual Counseling

If you live in North Dallas and you need help with your relationship or other issues you’d like to pursue individually, contact Stanford Couples Counseling. You don’t have to be married to benefit from our services. We can help couples who are dating or living together, too. Take your first step toward having the relationship you want.

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