Anger Management Therapy

Anger Management Begins Here

When you choose Stanford Couples Counseling for anger management services, our highly trained therapists will work with you to examine possible factors that may give rise to this emotion. Anger management skills help you learn what causes your anger and healthy ways to manage your feelings. Our therapists will work with you to develop coping skills to help you control your anger for a calmer life.

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Anger Management Therapy in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Anger is a normal emotion that everyone experiences occasionally. However, if you find yourself becoming angry often or your anger is very intense, it may interfere with your life and interactions with others.

Everyone experiences anger differently based on personal history and expectations. For some patients, their anger may result from an underlying issue like depression. While experiencing anger is not a disorder, it is a symptom of several mental health conditions.

However you express your anger, Stanford Couples Counseling is here to help. Many of our therapists specialize in anger management solutions — such as emotionally focused therapy — to help you address your emotional triggers and identify underlying causes in a comfortable and calm setting.

Why Choose Stanford Couples Counseling?

To effectively treat anger, you need a therapist who understands your needs. At Stanford Couples Counseling, we offer solution-oriented services to patients virtually and at the following locations:
Dallas | Flower Mound | Fort Worth | McKinney | Plano | Uptown

Individual Anger Management Services

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • When you get irritable, do you become aggressive towards others?
  • Does talking about your feelings cause you to become irate?
  • Do you feel that you have limited patience?
  • Are family members often afraid of making you angry?

If you said yes to any of these questions, it might be time to consider individual anger management counseling. At Stanford Couples Counseling, we provide goal-oriented anger therapy to help you effectively manage overwhelming emotions.

Couples Anger Management Services

Has your anger affected your relationship with your significant other? Relationships are often a primary source of anger due to expectations, external stress or dysfunctional habits. At Stanford Couples Counseling, we help couples restore their relationships by developing communication skills and recognizing anger triggers.

Learn Anger Management Techniques In-Person and Online

Anger issues are not uncommon, and if you are struggling with anger, know that you are not alone. Stanford Couples Counseling offers compassionate therapy for anger issues at our offices in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. We have online services if you cannot travel to one of our three locations or would rather receive anger management services in a familiar setting. Our providers offer telemental health for all clients throughout Texas to accommodate your schedule and needs.

Our Reimbursement Process

The team at SCC is passionate about ensuring our clients get the treatment they need. We can provide you with the resources you require to submit your insurance claims for our services.

Going to an out-of-network therapist can come with several benefits. They can provide highly personalized services, quick booking and more frequent sessions than in-network providers. For people that are looking to use insurance benefits for counseling, some out-of-network services are eligible for partial reimbursement.