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Many adults between the ages of 18 and 25 report having very high stress levels. Some are worried about money, others fear how they are viewed by others or themselves, and most are concerned about what they’ll do with their lives and all are still trying to figure out who they are and who they want to be.

Here at Stanford Couples Counseling, we have several therapists with ample experience who are ready to help you or your emerging adult loved one through these challenges.

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In the age of crippling student loan debt, many emerging adults are struggling with their finances and transitioning into adult life. If you’re an emerging adult struggling with anxiety, depression, substance dependence, or stress, you’re not alone.

At Stanford Couples Counseling, our counseling services for young adults focus on goals and solutions. We have offices at multiple convenient locations and no matter which office you choose, you’ll find a team of counseling experts and therapists whose top priority is providing you with the highest quality care:

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We won’t just work for you — we’ll work with you to identify achievable, measurable goals, and help you come up with the steps you’ll need to take to achieve those goals. We want you to be able to create long-term goals that will help you shape a brighter future for your life.

Counseling Emerging Adults In Transition

Our team possesses a high level of experience and training, which allows us to utilize a solutions-oriented approach in our counseling and therapy sessions. While we believe our clients will benefit in meeting regularly and talking with one of our providers, we also believe that to create real change, our clients need to take action to make that change outside the therapy office as well. We’ll help guide you on your journey to implementing change and reaching your goals by ensuring we aim our work at those long-term goals.

Our Reimbursement Process

The team at SCC is passionate about ensuring our clients get the treatment they need. We can provide you with the resources you require to submit your insurance claims for our services.

Going to an out-of-network therapist can come with several benefits. They can provide highly personalized services, quick booking and more frequent sessions than in-network providers. For people that are looking to use insurance benefits for counseling, some out-of-network services are eligible for partial reimbursement.

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Are you an emerging adult seeking help to work through life events? Do you have a loved one who you think would benefit from emerging adult therapy? If you’re looking for an experienced therapist in counseling emerging adults, contact us today at Stanford Couples Counseling to learn more or schedule your appointment online.

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