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At Stanford Couples Counseling, we can help you rebuild lost connections with our couple and individual counseling services, family counseling, and marriage counseling in McKinney. Our holistic approach allows us to address underlying problems within a relationship and more significant concerns such as anxiety and grief. When you choose us for your counseling needs, you’ll receive expert service from experienced professionals.

Make an appointment for counseling at our office in McKinney, Texas, to start developing the tools you need to create a solid foundation for your relationship.

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Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

Do you miss the spark you and your partner had at the start of your marriage? Are you and your partner dealing with infertility or infidelity? Would you like to strengthen your marital bond and improve your relationship with your partner? Whatever your goals are, Stanford Couples Counseling can help you and your partner become a stronger unit.

Our team of licensed counselors uses a solution-oriented approach to our couples counseling services. Our services can help you turn your wishes into reality by creating measurable, tangible goals. With our team’s attention and high-quality counseling services, you can make strides toward improving your relationship.

Grief Counseling

Grief is a part of life and a unique experience for every individual. Some may experience intense emotions such as crying, while others may feel relief and then guilt, especially after a long illness. The loss of anything important can cause grief and make it difficult to cope with these emotions.

At Stanford Couples Counseling, we allow you to express your feelings free from judgment. Our licensed counselors can help you process your thoughts and feelings to move through the stages of grief and reach a state of inner peace. Learn more about our grief counseling services.

Why Choose Our Counseling Services?

At Stanford Couples Counseling, we will work with you to ensure you receive the most benefit from our services. Our team practices tried and true approaches to help you positively transform your life. Throughout your time with us, we will focus on your progress and celebrate your successes as you achieve results.

Whether you are looking for individual or couples therapy services in McKinney, our team will help you create tools to help you through difficult situations. Other benefits of our services include:

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Choose Stanford Couples Counseling for your couples or individual therapy needs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our providers have years of training and experience to provide the highest quality care possible. Take the first steps towards a positive change by scheduling an appointment online at our office in McKinney, Texas, today.
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