Faith-Based Counseling

Faith-Based Counseling in Texas

When life gets tough, quite often, it’s our faith that sees us through. If your faith is important to you, it should also be an important part of your healing process. At Stanford Couples Counseling, we have the ability to incorporate faith into your counseling services. Based on your personal preferences, we can help you make sense of God’s plan in the midst of conflict, trauma or distress. Our services are inclusive of any spiritual practice.

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Faith-based Counseling Services in

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For those with a deeply rooted belief system, how you think, behave and feel is closely linked to these values. Spiritual-based counseling comes from a sacred standpoint and focuses on incorporating your ideas about God, religion and spirituality into the traditional therapeutic process. Faith-based therapy sessions often address the same concerns as other forms of counseling. This form of therapy allows you to process specific issues through the lens of spiritual-mindedness, facilitating change in your life.

Faith also serves as an excellent point of connection with your therapist. Many members of our team at Stanford Couples Counseling specialize in faith and spirituality, which allows you to form a foundation of trust based on mutual beliefs.

Why Choose Stanford Couples Counseling?

We see faith as an incredible part of finding healing in the therapeutic model. How our therapists incorporate spiritual beliefs into the counseling experience may vary, but our team wants this essential element of life to be available to our clients. With Stanford Couples Counseling, our unique characteristics are what set our counseling services apart. This includes:

Individual and Faith-based Marriage Counseling

Faith-based individual counseling allows you to work through concerns and issues in a one-on-one setting. Marriage or couples counseling, on the other hand, brings the topic of faith into the forefront of conversations about your relationship and your future together.


While we honor religion and spirituality, these do not replace experience and education. Each of our counselors is highly trained in a variety of evidence-based therapies to ensure we have the knowledge and capabilities to address your needs in a comfortable and caring environment.


Stanford Couples Counseling is proud to have several offices located in the DFW area:

Dallas | Flower Mound | Fort Worth | McKinney | Plano | Uptown

However, we also specialize in online faith-based counseling for those who prefer to see a therapist from the comfort of their own home.

Virtual therapy allows us to reach a wider client base throughout the state of Texas, bringing spiritual hope and healing to those who may not be able to make it into our offices.

Our Reimbursement Process

The team at SCC is passionate about ensuring our clients get the treatment they need. We can provide you with the resources you require to submit your insurance claims for our services.

Going to an out-of-network therapist can come with several benefits. They can provide highly personalized services, quick booking and more frequent sessions than in-network providers. For people that are looking to use insurance benefits for counseling, some out-of-network services are eligible for partial reimbursement

Learn More About Faith-based Counseling Available Online and In-person

Whether you’re an individual seeking encouragement and hope during troubling times or your marriage could use a good dose of spiritual wisdom, we are here for you.

It’s important to note that your sessions at Stanford Couples Counseling will only be faith-based if you request them to be. Contact us today to learn how we incorporate elements of your faith and spirituality into our counseling services.

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