It is important to recognize that with this drastic shift comes grief. Couples are going through a period of mourning their expectations and dreams for this time in their lives. We grieve when we lose something important to us and we need to feel that grief in order to move forward. We all grieve in different ways and it is necessary to find support and validation in that grief.

This experience can also add a lot of stress onto an engaged couple that goes beyond the stress that is already present with the pandemic. In some cases, couples are needing to reschedule their entire wedding and coordinate with all vendors for a new day. Rescheduling can cause couples to lose deposits, causing added financial stress. If the couple is not rescheduling, they are putting extra effort into structuring a wedding around new health guidelines and safety measures. These changes may mean that important friends and family will only be present virtually or not at all.

During this time of crisis and change it is important for the couple to communicate, compromise, and support each other. Keep communication open by expressing authentic emotions about where you are and what you are feeling. One day you could be in Type A problem-solving mode and the next you could feel anger and resentment. You and your partner should check in with each other about where you are on that emotional rollercoaster. Compromising during this time will look like finding a solution to these unavoidable changes in a way that makes you both feel satisfied. Support each other by encouraging each other to keep excitement alive in your relationship and the prospect of your future marriage. If you are experiencing the stress of planning a wedding during this pandemic or have recently gone through this process and need some extra emotional support, I would be happy to walk with you through this difficult time.