5 Apps to Help Improve Your Mental Health

5 Apps to Help Improve Your Mental Health

5 Apps to Help Improve Your Mental Health

By Katie Cole September 6, 2021 09.06.2021 Share:
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I think it’s safe to say that these days, oftentimes more time is spent on our smartphones than not. While our phones and social media can be entertaining (and let’s face it, addictive), it’s been proven that it can have a negative impact on our mental health over time. There are ways to improve your mental health that I am sure you’ve heard before – exercising, eating well, going on walks, etc. However, sometimes lifestyle changes such as those can be a bit overwhelming to start, especially if you’re experiencing significant stress, anxiety, or depression. So instead of starting with those, let’s start smaller. Since most of us already spend so much time on our phones, below are some of my favorite apps that help you improve your mood and learn how to implement more helpful coping skills into your life in a way that is convenient, easy, and even fun!



Sanvello is an app that contains many different functions to help relieve stress, anxiety, depression. It provides education and skills that are clinically proven to help improve mood symptoms. One of my favorite functions is the ability to track your mood daily, as well as journal about your mood. Being able to see patterns of your moods, keep track of what affected your mood, and see growth overtime can be helpful for many people struggling with anxiety and depression.

Get Sanvello here: https://www.sanvello.com/



Similar to Sanvello, Moodfit also allows you to track your mood daily and get personal goals based on your needs. This app is customizable based on your mood, in other words, it meets you where you’re at. Moodfit provides tools that are designed to help you feel better. Like most other mental health apps, you will complete an initial questionnaire in order to get started. Based on that, Moodfit will provide tools, insight, and strategies that will help you immediately start working on improving your mental health.

Get Moodfit here: https://www.getmoodfit.com/



MoodMission is a research-based app that provides you with “missions” that help you improve your mental health. These “missions” include emotion-based, behavior-based, thought-based, and physical-based activities that are given tailored to your personal mood. Although the initial questionnaire can be a bit overwhelming, the personalized activities based on your mood and progress have been proven to help decrease anxiety and depression symptoms.

Get MoodMission here: https://moodmission.com/



Happify is an app that contains science-based games that help relieve stress and anxiety. The app starts with a quick assessment to learn about you, then gives you a specialized track to help target the areas you feel you need the most help with. This app also offers resources such as meditation and individualized goals that allow you to feel more in control of your life.

Get Happify here: https://www.happify.com/



Calm offers a more action-oriented approach to coping with anxiety and depression symptoms. This app offers a wide variety of exercises, activities, and meditation tracks that allows you to choose the right fit for you. This app is the only one on this list that is not free, but they offer a free 7-day trial. So, go ahead check out the wonderful resources they have to offer!

Get Calm here: https://www.calm.com/


Although these apps can certainly help you work on your mood and cope with life, don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’d like to dive a little deeper. I’d love the opportunity to walk with you through your journey.

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