Feed What Grows

Feed what grows

Feed What Grows

By Melissa Hunter January 3, 2024 01.03.2024 Share:
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Happy New Year! Can you believe we have started 2024?!? Instead of having New Year’s resolutions, I wonder if you might explore this question instead: What are you going to feed this year? This month, week, or day?

We Feed What Grows

If you are intentional about strengthening your communication with your partner and/or family, what would that look like? Maybe it is having a mealtime without electronics at the table, turning off the TV, docking the phones, and having conversations (practicing communication). Maybe it is setting aside a night a week for family game night or another family event as well as a night a week for you and your partner to have a check-in time and ask one another, “How are we doing?” If you want to work on building a stronger sexual or emotional connection, how are you intentionally going to make that happen? Wanting and doing are two different things.

Staying Consistent

How are you going to remain consistent in building and strengthening your relationship? We feed what grows. It is often the case that we feed what we are good at or provide immediate gratification and neglect what is harder or what may take a while to see. If you want to work on being less angry or anxious this year, what might that look like? Is there an issue or situation you have neglected to deal with and are now ready to tackle?

Being Intentional and Mindful

Let 2024 be the year you give yourself intentional and mindful attention, less distracted by work or electronics or anything else that tends to numb you, and more invested with your family, friends, and self.

Find a trusted therapist who can help you to feed what you want to grow. Let this year be the year of fullness, intentionality, and healthy growth.

If you would like to discuss more, schedule your appointment with Dr. Melissa Hunter today.

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