Back to School Blues

Back to school blues

Back to School Blues

By Brooke Skrivanek August 12, 2022 08.12.2022 Share:
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It is that time of year again when the summer fun comes to an end and the reality of school starts to set in! As a parent, you may feel excited and slightly relieved, while on the other hand, you might feel the weight of anxiety and worry about sending your kids off to school again. Whether you are excited, anxious, or a ball of mixed emotions, here are some tips to help your student fight the back-to-school blues.

Be Supportive

Times of transitions can be extremely hard, especially for the younger kids, make sure to check in with your student and see how they are feeling. Acknowledge and validate the range of emotions your student may be experiencing while staying positive about what this school year might bring! 

Be Prepared

Preparing yourself and your student in advance can help reduce those back-to-school jitters. Set a morning and evening schedule, review drop-off and pick-up procedures, shop early for school supplies, go to meet the teacher or tour the school, lay out the first day of school outfit the night before, and help your student learn locker codes or lunch numbers prior to the first day of school. Preparing your student ahead of time can reduce the first day’s anxiety and uncertainty. 

Teach Coping Skills

Helping your student learn and implement coping skills can help them self-soothe while at school. Teach them how to slow their breathing down when they start to feel anxious by breathing deep, closing their eyes, and counting to 10 or 100. Encourage your child to take a moment to collect themselves and have a drink of water. Help them learn to relax their body through progressive muscle relaxation or exploring their happy place. Create positive and fun affirmations or mantras with your student that they can tell themselves or read throughout the day. Encourage your student to utilize self-soothing skills by practicing with them and leading by example!

Be Kind

With a million other tips and tools, the most important is to be kind and give grace. You and your student are experiencing a lot of changes in schedule and routines, so treat this transition for both of you with kindness and grace as mistakes and setbacks may occur. Remember to enjoy every moment and share in the positives of what this school year can bring!

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