5 Social Media Accounts I Recommend to My Clients

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5 Social Media Accounts I Recommend to My Clients

By Emily Clark February 23, 2024 02.23.2024 Share:
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With so many voices in social media, it can be difficult to determine which ones are healthy and well-trained. My clients frequently ask for guidance when trying to navigate helpful information versus the idea that “anyone can get a microphone.” Below are the top 5 social media accounts I recommend on Instagram. Please note, that they have free content on Instagram and often offer paid services outside that platform. This post is not an endorsement of any paid content.

Jeff Guenther, LPC (@therapyjeff)

Jeff offers relationship advice, questions partners can ask each other, or someone can ask a potential partner, and offers questions you can ask yourself. These questions are great to explore and bring to sessions to discuss with your therapist or to create journal entries for self-exploration. He has a fun, self-deprecating sense of humor.

Synthia Smith (@_Synful_)

Synthia, a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Specialist, provides clever and insightful skits regarding narcissistic and unhealthy behaviors in relationships. She also offers practical ways to detach from these experiences and reassurance to the person who is in the relationship. Her methods are grounded in evidence-based treatment.

Jessica Rozak (@jessica.rozak)

Jessica is an Emotional Coach for Intellectualizers. In this fast-paced, rushing society, we can suppress our emotions so that we can continue to work, go to school, or provide care for others. Suppressing our feelings to ‘keep pressing on’ can have its own set of symptoms and lead to later difficulties. Ms. Rozak provides information on recognizing these situations and offers solutions as well as ways to talk about them with a professional therapist.

Claire Perelman (@sexclassified)

Claire, a relationship counselor, provides healthy sexual information for individuals and those in relationships. She provides medically based information about our bodies as well as information on consent, and how to develop healthy boundaries. She also encourages people to learn about themselves in a healthy and supportive environment.

Laura Danger (@thatdarnchat) 

Laura, an educator and advocate for healthy relationships, provides education about unhealthy patterns in relationships especially learned helplessness and weaponized incompetence. She works to educate people in relationships about how an unbalanced mental load and home life can often lead to relationship dissatisfaction and divorce with the hope that this education will lead to change.

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