Why Should I Consider Couples Therapy?

People ask me all the time if couples therapy can help them or someone they know. Hesitations range from doubting its usefulness to how long it's going to take to how much it's going to cost. Others worry that their problems have been occurring for so long that there's no way to improve them or maybe they could even get worse. However, research shows that anywhere from 70-90% of couples that complete couples therapy report significant improvement in their relationship, often in as little as 6 sessions.In my practice, I take my research- and experience-informed methods and tailor them to each couple. I find that true change comes when we work together to stop blaming each other and waiting for the other person to change. Instead, I encourage partners to each take responsibility for their own part, both in the problems and in the potential solutions. Oftentimes therapy helps to process the problems and hurts of the past, but also focus on what partners can each do to be a part of the solution. As these solutions can vary greatly from couple to couple, I see my job as helping identify the problems, come up with solutions that each partner agrees to, and walk you through the steps until you're back on solid ground.My goal for my clients is not to simply find a way to keep the relationship in tact, but instead to help partners create a relationship that can thrive. I help provide the tools necessary to not only get you out of the current crisis, but also to maintain that movement and set the stage for the relationship to continue growing moving forward. If your relationship is in trouble, I encourage you to call or email me so we can talk further about how therapy can help guide you to a better relationship and a better life.