If your relationship is struggling but one or both of you is not sure about committing to couples counseling, discernment counseling might be a good fit for you. Discernment counseling is designed to help people decide whether they want to commit to working on their relationship for a set amount of time with a set list of goals, terminate the relationship, or continue with the relationship as is. Dr. Stanford has trained with Dr. Bill Doherty, creator of discernment counseling, and is qualified to help you and your partner decide the best course of action. Dr. Hunter, Dr. Fast, and Dr. Stanford are each trained and experienced in this method and are here to help. This approach uses individual and couple time to help partners who are struggling to decide what to do and also to support partners who are committed but frustrated that their partner is unsure. If you'd like to know more about how we can help your relationship, simply submit the form on this page or click Schedule Now.