Are you struggling with creating memorable moments during the quarantine? Concerned about couples date nights, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, or connecting with friends and family. It may be a challenging task for many to determine how to effectively stay connected with others due to Covid-19 and the mandate for an International Quarantine (Yep, the world’s new “IQ”).

Recently, we celebrated Easter Sunday. Due to Texas’ group limit, it was a quiet celebration for the two of us. Normally we’d host more than 20 people counting our children and grandchildren! Another special event was our 32nd anniversary. Okay, I must admit, I love to celebrate our anniversary! Normally for our anniversary we reserve our favorite hotel, a special dinner out, mall shopping for a special gift, and entertainment (concert, museum, or theater). Unfortunately, not so this year! Nothing is open! It’s like a ghost town from an old western movie! So, I realized we had to be very creative to celebrate our memorable event. Here are a few suggestions:

Six Ideas for Creating “Quarantine Memories”

  1. Picnic Movie Night: Stream a movie with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or Disney+. Let’s be honest, who does not love a good movie? Spread a blanket in the middle of the room, grab dinner, snacks or your favorite drink. Review the movie afterwards. Would you recommend the movie? What was the best part of the movie? Who was your favorite character?

  2. Concerts on Instagram, Facebook: Due to the cancellation of concerts, sporting events and other social gatherings, a new “venue” has become popular. Artists are offering cheaply priced concerts via Instagram and Facebook. Search events on these platforms for your interests.  

  3. Coronavirus family party: Start the party with discussing the purpose of the quarantine and how to implement safety precautions. (Here’s a resource with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Our daughter’s family had a no-sew mask making party with the kiddos. It was a crafting party for Covid-19 mask. Using old clothing (shirts, leggings, etc) each person created their mask! My daughter took pics that they posted on SnapChat. They also chatted with friends on Houseparty. The kiddos loved it!

  4. Karaoke, TikTok: Are you a shower or car singer? Does your child love to sing to EVERY song? Try these platforms for family fun! Sing your favorite song with your special person or by yourself. Sing sing sing!

  5. Houseparty, Facetime, Zoom: Adult time! Catch up with your work colleagues, friends, or family members. Create a social distancing Happy Hour! Ask others to join you with a set date, beverage, and conversation! Stay connected!

  6. Order a meal to go and set up dinner. Date night and can’t go out to eat? Order take out or delivery. Set the table for a romantic dinner, pull out the candles, pour your favorite beverage, turn on the music, and most importantly Dress Up! Discuss how you fell in love. What is the best thing you enjoy about your partner? What are your hopes for the future? Be mindful of connecting during your date and turn off your phones, television, computers, and tablets.