ADHD Testing in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, refers to any difficulty controlling a group of neurological functions responsible for planning, focusing on and executing tasks.

ADHD symptoms vary by subtype — hyperactive, inattentive or combined — and are often more challenging to diagnose in adults and girls. Adults with ADHD may have difficulty maintaining jobs and/or relationships, while children with ADHD often struggle in school.

If you are displaying behaviors like inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, know that ADHD testing centers like Stanford Couples Counseling can help you understand your behavior. Our team of empathetic, knowledgeable therapists and clinical psychologists incorporate a solutions-oriented approach to meet you where you are. We’ll work with you to outline therapy goals and get you the help you need.

With virtual appointment availability as well as offices in North Dallas, and Uptown, Stanford Couples Counseling is committed to getting you the help you need sooner rather than later.

Estimated Cost: $2500

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Psychological Testing for ADHD by Dr. Jennifer Fast

Dr. Jennifer Fast completes ADHD evaluations online and at any of our three locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Dr. Fast has been a licensed clinical psychologist in Texas since 2018 and a licensed clinical psychologist in Illinois since 2011.

As an integrative therapist drawing from cognitive behavioral, humanistic, interpersonal and mindfulness modalities, Dr. Jennifer Fast is passionate about helping clients achieve lasting change. She views cognitive and psychological assessment as an important adjunct to psychotherapy and an empowering experience for clients.

ADHD Testing For Adults, Children And Adolescents: What You Can Expect

Stanford Couples Counseling specializes in couples and individual counseling as well as psychological and therapeutic assessments. Dr. Jennifer Fast, one of our highly trained professional clinical psychologists, is experienced in utilizing both testing and psychotherapy to help clients determine the best course of action.

When you schedule an ADHD diagnostic test, you’ll be immersed in all aspects of assessment, including discussing the possible meanings of test results, outlining goals and disseminating results to other professionals as appropriate.

The professionals at Stanford Couples Counseling will start by asking you to fill out and return questionnaires before an evaluation. You can expect the specialist conducting your assessment to do any or all of the following:

  • Talk to those close to you about your symptoms

  • Administer ADHD diagnosis tests, such as attention-span evaluations and symptom checklists

  • Discuss any problems your symptoms have caused in the past and how long they’ve been bothering you

When Should I Consider An ADHD Evaluation?

Stanford Couples Counseling provides ADHD testing for adults, young adults, adolescents and children. If you notice the signs and symptoms of ADHD in yourself, reach out to a professional to schedule an ADHD evaluation.

Our Reimbursement Process

The team at SCC is passionate about ensuring our clients get the treatment they need. We can provide you with the resources you require to submit your insurance claims for our services.

Going to an out-of-network therapist can come with several benefits. They can provide highly personalized services, quick booking and more frequent sessions than in-network providers. For people that are looking to use insurance benefits for counseling, some out-of-network services are eligible for partial reimbursement.