Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling

By Lily Ha April 16, 2018 04.16.2018 Share:

Couples who invest in pre-marital counseling can make a huge impact on their relationship and marriage.  According to research, couples who seek pre-marital counseling report higher levels of marital satisfaction and decrease their chances of divorce.  If you and your partner are at the point in your life of wanting to get married or already planning to be married, it is worth considering committing to pre-marital counseling.  The benefits of pre-marital counseling can include but are not limited to discussing marital resolutions on hard topics (e.g. finances); improving communication skills; improving conflict resolution skills; outlining realistic expectations and goals; addressing past relationship ghosts and resentments; and identifying relationship stress factors.The pre-marital curriculum I utilize to lead my pre-marital sessions usually cover the following topics: identifying strength and growth relationships in the relationship; providing education on effective communication and conflict resolution skills; handling and balancing life priorities; financial management; intimacy; defining partner roles and relationship expectations; parenting and children; personality differences; and identifying short and long term goals.  My goal for any couple who engages in pre-marital counseling is to facilitate enriching and productive conversations about a variety of topics in order to make you and your partner feel more prepared and confident for your lifetime commitment.Take a few minutes with your partner to discuss these key points on:

  • What do we want the philosophy of our marriage to be?
  • What are our relationship strengths? What are our growth areas?
  • What are my expectations for my partner and our relationship?
  • What are our short and long-term goals as a couple?

The best thing you can do as a couple getting ready for marriage is to communicate openly, to validate one another, and to check in with each other daily.  Remember you are a team!

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