If you or someone you know has struggled with addiction, it is not an easy feat to get back on track. Addiction not only impacts the person using, but it also greatly impacts those closest to them such as partners, spouses, family members, and friends. Individuals and couples who have been impacted by addiction often struggle to rebuild their relationships and restore the quality it once had due to repeated loss of trust, ineffective communication, and little to no hope. Although rebuilding your life and your relationships after addiction is difficult, we can help guide you and your loved ones back to a place of safety, compassion, and quality. Natalie “Lily” Ha is a collaborative therapist who systemically treats clients and couples who have been affected by addiction and its related issues, including repeated broken trust, unhealthy boundaries, untreated trauma, and co-occurring mental health disorders (i.e. depression and anxiety). Lily heavily focuses her work on couples rebuilding their relationship after one or both partners have suffered addiction related issues. She has extensive experience helping individuals and couples needing help regarding addiction. Click on Schedule Now find a time to meet with Lily and start your journey of positive change.