life transitions

Walking A New Path

I lived in Illinois my entire life before moving Texas, and know it from top to bottom. It is a familiar and comfortable place for me and it was hard to leave. The move brought with it all sorts of interesting transitions for me and my family. Some have been easier to navigate than others, but all are necessary.One of my favorite things is artwork depicting paths or roads that seemingly appear to be endless or going nowhere in particular.  When I learned that I would be moving, my eyes immediately went to a photograph of a moving river hanging in my office done by a local photographer. It embodies both turbulence and serenity.The image of a path, with no clear end point, elicits different reactions with people. Some experience a sense of dread, others fear the unknown, and for some excitement. The photograph offered me a reminder that change happens to everyone; and it is how we manage the transition that often comes with change that matters most.Transition is the psychological process that people go through to come to terms with a new situation. It is not a linear process but does have stages that define the process. At the beginning, letting go of how things were is key to establishing new routines and relationships. For a period of time, people can exist in a “grey zone” of the new and the old. The old is gone but the new is not yet fully established. After a period of time, the compass is reset with new understandings, values, attitudes, and identities.As I reset my own compass, I have moments where I miss my old life but I do not linger long in the feelings of loss because Texas has welcomed me and my family with such warmth and hospitality. I can’t promise I will trade my Cubbies for the Rangers, or the Bears for the Cowboys, but I am open to all that Texas has to offer.If you are struggling to find your path or navigate a new path, I can help.

Life's Curveballs

No matter how much we plan, life can throw us curveballs.  Whether planned or unplanned, life’s curveballs catapult us into a different life transition and dealing with them can be challenging.  Transitions can include but are not limited to: graduating college and entering the workforce, getting laid off, moving, and dealing with a relationship break up.  Transitions can last between a few short days to long periods of time and can make anyone feel unsettled and anxious.  Many times before I've heard, “I’m scared of the unknown.  How am I supposed to know what should happen next?  How do I know I am making the right decision?”Understandably, navigating through life transitions can be anxiety provoking and emotionally challenging.  Here are a few tips to help guide you through uncertain times:

  • Known that it is OKAY to feel anxious.
  • Having a POSITIVE attitude goes a long way.
  • Think about what you’re meant to embrace in the next phase of your life.
  • Set realistic goals and expectations for yourself. Work diligently towards your goals. And don’t forget to acknowledge your progress along the way.
  • Lean on your support system.
  • Remember transitions are temporary… things will settle.

As cliché as the saying goes, when one chapter closes another one always opens.  If you can muster the strength and focus to navigate through your life transition, something positive and meaningful will come of it and it will give you a chance to learn something about yourself.If navigating your life transition has become too difficult to deal on your own, please contact me for help!