Stress and Sex

Can sex be used as a stress reliever? Yes, many people experience sex as a great release during stressful periods. Some will even go on to say it improved their overall mood. But what happens when you’re overwhelmed with stress? Have you’ve noticed your sex drive diminish? Have you’ve noticed you’re having difficulties performing? Have you’ve noticed that it’s harder to have or you cannot achieve an orgasm?

If someone is experiencing a huge amount of stress, sex may be the last thing on their brain. Their mind and body become preoccupied with attempting to manage the current stress factor(s) affecting their life. When considering stressors, there can be many contributing causes. These may include work, finances, parenting, family issues, balancing a hectic schedule, moving homes, relationship problems, etc. Whichever category(ies) you fall under, stress could be disrupting your sex life.

Before getting your sex life back on track, dealing with your stress may help everything else fall back into place. Finding ways to cope and manage your stress is the first priority on the list. If you’ve been experiencing this over an extended period of time, it is wise to consult with your doctor. There may be serious physical issues that you may be putting your body through. In addition, it never hurts to schedule an appointment with a therapist to make sure you are mentally healthy as well.

Aside from sexual problems occurring, here are some other effects you may notice:

·       Headaches

·       Sleeping problems

·       Anxiety

·       Change in eating habits

·       Depression

·       Fatigue

·       Irritability


These may be some ways you might decompress from stress:

·       Exercise

·       Social support

·       Meditation

·       Proper diet

·       Journaling

·       Engaging in hobbies

·       Listening to music


Since stress looks different for everyone, being aware of how you and your body respond to it is highly important. Having that awareness can help you know when you need to de-stress and engage in a positive outlet. One of the primary benefits of seeing a mental health professional is a better understanding of what you’re experiencing and how to better cope when the situation arises.